P52 – Week 1 – New Year Inspiration

In today’s technological world, we have the opportunity to receive loads of information and education through the internet.  Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to find an online photography forum call Clickin Moms.  Clickin Moms is a vibrant community of over 12,000 professional photographers, aspiring professionals, and women who are simply passionate about capturing the lives of their families. For many members, Clickin Moms is an online home for business networking and development, artistic growth, technical knowledge and support, and deeply held friendships.

I have taken several online workshops through the CMuniversity and developed some very good friends all around the world through this photography journey of mine.  As a photographer, like many, I am always striving to educate myself, improve my skill and develop and eye that will make my images better.  In some online discussion with some classmates of a workshop that I took back in August, a project 52 was proposed.

With much planning, a weekly theme, and 7 amazing photographers…  welcome to my 2013 Project 52.

This week’s theme is NEW YEAR INSPIRATION.  My New Year Inspiration is kinda my New Year’s Resolution.  I have failed miserably this past year with my personal DAILY walk and relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am committing to reading the bible in 1 year.  I have started this goal several years and failed every year.  I have allowed LIFE to get in the way.  I plan to put God first…
















This P52 is a collaborative project with several amazing photographer all over the world. To see more of our P52 groups interpretation of this weeks them, follow our blog circle.  This project is supposed to help us shoot every week for OURSELVES, not just our clients.  It is designed to assist us and help us grow in others areas of photography that we don’t typically shoot regularly.

Next up is Tricia Burrough of Lilac Blossom Photography. Tricia is a portrait photographer and freelance photojournalist based in Collingswood, NJ. Your can find her New Year Inspiration HERE.


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