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I have been so blessed by the Pursuit Community in more ways that I can count.  But a very tangible way is the friendships that have come into my life as a result of this amazing community and the bond of christian sisterhood that it instills.   Summer and her family are among those many blessings.  I’m always so honored when another photographer asks to me to capture their family.  We had an amazing time together and I really enjoyed getting to know her family!  Enjoy!

Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0001Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0002Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0003Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0004Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0005Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0006Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0007Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0008Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0009Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0010Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0011Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0012Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0013Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0014Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0015Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0016Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0017Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0018Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0019Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0020Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0021Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0022Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0023Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0024Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0025Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0026Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0027Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0028Chattanooga Family Photographer Edmondson_0029

Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.

John 17:17

Happy Birthday Mom!! | Chattanooga Family

I literally squealed out loud when I got the text from my mom asking what I thought about shooting a few images of her and my dad while they visited this summer.  What an honor!!!  These two have been there for me through tick and thin and they are AMAZING!!!  My hear sings as I look at these images!  They are nothing but short a true reflection of how great they are!  These images are just a bit overdue… .but nevertheless… they are finished!  Happy Birthday Mom… I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Chattanooga Family Photographer_0001Chattanooga Family Photographer_0002Chattanooga Family Photographer_0003Chattanooga Family Photographer_0004Chattanooga Family Photographer_0012Chattanooga Family Photographer_0005Chattanooga Family Photographer_0006Chattanooga Family Photographer_0007Chattanooga Family Photographer_0011Chattanooga Family Photographer_0009Chattanooga Family Photographer_0010Chattanooga Family Photographer_0008Chattanooga Family Photographer_0013Chattanooga Family Photographer_0014Chattanooga Family Photographer_0015Chattanooga Family Photographer_0016Chattanooga Family Photographer_0017Chattanooga Family Photographer_0018Chattanooga Family Photographer_0019Chattanooga Family Photographer_0020

Meagan - These are fantastic!!! So important to document those we love! Great job!

kathy riddle - Love Each One of These!! What a true reflection of Nancy and Roger as I remember them. Beautiful, fun people! (They raised a wonderful daughter, too!) Thanks for sharing these which show their love for each other in such a wonderful way.

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